Internet Services

Basic Internet Services. -

We offer basic internet connection. For individuals wishing to have dial up access, we recommend our IP roaming (Moscom service) or non-roaming (Pangasinan, Prepaid Pangasinan, or Dagupan service). For corporate or school intended connections, we recommend the Direct/D or the Direct/L links. These services are more fully discussed in the Mosaic Communications website.

Broadband Internet. - 

We are going to offer Broadband internet in the coming months using a combination of the best technologies: xDSL for clients within a 2.5km range of our NOC and wireless broadband for those without copper connectivity.

Value Added Internet Services 

Website Design. - With the addition of a website design team, Bitstop now offers website design services to clients wishing to put up their own website.

Website Hosting. - hosts web pages for a minimal monthly fee exclusive of the home page design fee. Moscom subscribers can get to post their home pages via Mozcom's web server for free up to a maximum size allowable.  Bitstop will NOT host pages whose contents are illegal, immoral or pornographic or those that are contrary to good taste or judgement. As a registered web presence provider for Frontpage 2000, Bitstop simplifies web site hosting and maintenance for interested parties.

Domain Name and Virtual Email Hosting services. - Bitstop welcomes requests from companies that wish to have their own domains, i.e. You can also have as many email addresses/mailboxes as you can administer yourself.  No more worrying about the connection, computer and maintenance nightmares. Bitstop will take care of all of this for only 100.00 per mb per month. Setup fee of US$ 100.00 will take care of domain registration for the first 2 years.

Streaming Media Services. - Our pilot program for streaming audio services is the very popular Crossover Channel or 105.1 FM. Other radio stations soon followed namely,  Radio Veritas 846 am, KY 91 FM, and Monster RX93.1 and Sandy in Cagayan de Oro.  Recently, additional FM stations being streamed include Klite and Wave.

Thanks to the collaboration of GMA7/Inquirer and the infrastructure of both Digitel and Infocom, Saksi and the President's impeachment trial were continuously aired over the internet during the Christmas season of year 2000.

Internet physical installation / orientation services. - For clients who prefer to have a truly plug and play internet connection whether newbie or not, Bitstop offers installation services. We set up, configure, debug and also orient you on the basics of the Internet.

Internet Consultation services. - For more advanced users or special interest groups, Bitstop can find solutions for your intended applications like the following:

  • Planning to set up a cyber café, mail station or other internet reselling business?
  • Need an internet connection badly but there are no land telephone lines available?
  • Want one dial up connection that can service 2 or more workstations?
  • Require specialist to set up a leased line connection to connect your Lan to the internet?
  • Need to deploy Virtual Private Networks (thru the internet) for wide area networking needs?
  • Need a 'shotgun' dial up service that can combine 2 lines into one?
  • Urgently need internet browsing service but wish to use legacy computer devices while your budget for upgrades is very minimal?

Ask us and chances are we can help you.



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