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*We're back!

(Jan 2, 2002) After a long holiday, Bitstop opens today ready to face the new year ahead.  We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and new year celebration with your loved ones.

*Northern Luzon Peering Point Shaping UP 

(Dec 20, 2001) Moscom Cabanatuan (Villasan-Jose Consultancy) is now part of the Northern Luzon Peering Point! 

The Northern Luzon Peering point is now made up of 6 major provincial ISPs in the northern luzon area. It inlcudes Bulacan, Pampanga, Cabanatuan, Pangasinan, La Union and Ilocos Norte. 

Its major purpose is to provide faster response times to subscribers of each peering partner for intra-partner traffic. All peering partners provide free access to their networks.

*Wilson's MCSE Recertified

(Dec 20, 2001) Bitstop president, Mr. Wilson Chua, successfully passed the Designing Network Security exam. This is the last required exam for recertifying his MCSE NT 4.0 status to Windows 2000 track.  

On a related note, Microsoft has issued a reminder to all MCSEs on NT that they only have until the end of the year to avail of the accelerated exam (which takes the place of 3 core exams).  Unfortunately, if you did not request for a free voucher before November, you  will have to pay for the exam.

*Excel XP Training now Available

(Dec 19, 2001) After completing this course you will be prepared to acquire your MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) certification and to maximize your data use. 

Topics include formulas, formating, worksheet layout, auditing, charting, databases and pivot tables. 

*Bitstop Joins COMDDAP Baguio Exhibit

(Dec 19, 2001) Bitstop recently booked booth #24  at the COMDDAP expo to be held at the Ballroom, Baguio Country Club on Feb 26-28, 2002.

This is the first time the COMDDAP exhibit will be done north of Manila and the first time Bitstop will participate in such an event

*a-Hiking we have gone

(Dec 18, 2001) "Mountaineers" from Bitstop headed by President Wilson Chua went hiking last Sunday.  The trek up and down took 5 hours including the time spent cooking and enjoying their lunch repast.

*Phil NGO Council hosted @ Bitstop

pngoc logo

(Dec 17, 2001) The Philippine NGO Council's Official Website is now hosted at Bitstop. This is thru the efforts of Softrigger.

*Ajonet & Bitstop to offer Vidcon

(Dec 14, 2001) Bitstop and Ajonet, today signed a MOA to offer Vidconferencing. Users insert PLDT phone cards into a unit at Bitstop's Multimedia Conferencing Center. This is made possible, courtesy of Qware, a software product developed by Ajonet.

Ajonet is famous for its various internet kiosk located in the country and in Hongkong, Saudi Arabia and other countries as well.

*StormViz & Bitstop to Webcast Sharon's Show

(Dec 14, 2001) Stormviz and Bitstop today agreed to do a pilot webcast of Ms Sharon Cuneta's show on Jan 6, 2002 in time for the Megastar's Birthday. Bitstop will be using its co-located server at Eastern Telecoms for this event. Watch this segment for updates!

(Photo from


*2 Proxy Servers Upgraded

Intel® PRO Network Connections(Dec 14, 2001) Bitstop today, upgraded 2 of our proxy servers to use the Intel PRO 100 S server-rated adapters from the previous 3COM 3c905tx. This resulted in lower CPU usage while providing a faster throughput!

The upgrade resulted in a 10 minute downtime starting at 10:35 am.

*Free 2mb Webhosting!

(Dec 13, 2001) Bitstop is happy to share with the Philippine Internet Community our free 2mb webhosting service. 

This service features a fully automatic interface of creating, modifying and updating your own personal website from within a browser! This is an experimental site that features the use of IIS5.0, SQL and Sharepoint Services.

Some neat items you might like to try out: survey forms, events, tasks, contact list, discussion boards, links, and get this....rules processing on your shared documents!

*1st PCCI Dog Show in Dagupan

(Dec 13, 2001) Dagupan City Canine Club, Inc. is organizing the 1st PCCI supervised Back-to-Back Fun Match Dog show in cooperation with the Dagupan City Fiesta 2001 Executive Committee.

This event will be held on Dec 27, 2001 at Dagupan City Astrodome. Interested parties pls contact: August Chua 075-522-0407

*2 new MCPs @ Bitstop!

(Dec 13, 2001) Mr Jason Buenviaje, Bitstop Naga, passed his Windows 2k Server Exam together with  Ms Medilyn 'Bing' Berces , Bitstop's senior software supervisor, today completed the requirements for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Certification exam 70-215. 

Our congratulations and our hopeful expectations for the 'blowout' this pm ha?

*New Keystone Arrivals!

(Dec 11, 2001) Bitstop just received new Keystone titles from the US. These include:

Microsoft is making a significant number of changes to the Visual Basic programming language. As a result, What is Microsoft .NET is a must for learning the changes that will impact how developers create applications in the future. 

The .NET platform will help developers create Web applications in a fraction of the time that it once took using ASP or Java.  And it is also designed from the ground up to be scalable and reliable. 

Comes in set of 14 CDs Price: USD 499.95++

.."KeyStone's GroupWise 6 End User Training course is produced along with BrainStorm, Inc., Novell's official end-user training partner. Donna Myer, DOJ Training Manager said, Without a doubt, BrainStorm provides the best training and training materials we have seen".. Comes in set of 3 CDs. Price: USD 189.95 ++

"After completing this course you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to design a data warehouse and to populate data marts by using Data Transformation Services (DTS) in Microsoft SQL Server 2000.".. Comes in set of 5 CDs. Price: USD 449.95 ++

Do it Yourself! This course will teach you all about PC components, motherboards, floppy drives, hard drives, video adapters, sound cards and operating systems upgrades and much more!

1 CD or VHS Price: 39.95 ++ 


*YURI's Revenge Now Available

(Dec 10, 2001) This ambitious Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 expansion features new units, new movies, and a completely new side. The former Soviet psychic, Yuri, has designs to capture the free will of the free world. His psychic terror will take the combined efforts of both the Allieds and the Soviets. It's time to fight for your mind. 

Promo Price for Bitstop Internet Subscribers:675.00. Valid while supply lasts.

*NU 1st KRC in Ilocos Norte

(Dec 10, 2001) Bitstop was on hand to witness the launch of the first Keystone Resource Center in Ilocos Norte at Northwestern University in Laoag.

The picture below shows the NU students trying out the Keystone Resource Center.

The Keystone Resource Center contains a library of 25 top Video-on-demand Courses like A+, Inet+, MCSE, SQL, Orale, Visual Basic, Macromedia Flash, Java, XML, MOUS courses and others. This system will help accelerate the number of certified professionals in the area, as the KRC's content are mapped to certification exam objectives.

*VillaJireh Resort Now Online

(Dec 7, 2001) Villajireh Resort is now online and hosted at Bitstop. VillaJireh is located at Uyong, Labrador, Pangasinan and has a commanding view of the Lingayen Gulf.

Please click here to visit their webpage.

*Microsoft Exams will be 80 USD

(Dec 6, 2001) Ms Sue Ditthavong, Prometric has sent word that Microsoft has announced a global price increase for candidate testing effective January 4th, 2002.

In Philippine the new exam price will be $80 USD. Important - Exams paid for before January 4th 2002 will be charged at the existing price of $55, irrespective of examination date. Vouchers purchased prior to January 4th may also be used after January 4th.

Vouchers must be redeemed within 1 year of purchase.

* NU College of Computer Studies Celebrates Computer Week

(Dec 6, 2001) The College of Computer Studies will celebrate its annual college week with the theme “ Transforming Education Through Information Technology” on December 6-8, 2001. 

A seminar/forum on “I.T. Career Opportunities” will be conducted on December 8, 2001 at 8:00 am at the Educational Media Center. 

* iRadioManila Hosted @ Bitstop

(Dec 6, 2001) iRadioManila, the country's pioneer in All-Pinoy, internet-only radio, is now online with their website proudly hosted at Bitstop!

Our congratulations to Mr Manny Luzon and Louie Chavez!

* Bitstop Hosts Intergate Sites!

(Dec 5, 2001) A memorandum of agreement was signed today by Bitstop and Shown in picture (L-R) represented by Mr John Ang, Mr Wilson Chua from Bitstop  and Mr Don Han and Mr Peter Huang  of Intergate.

* Check out Divelink!

Divelink logo(Dec 5, 2001) Check out the newest site creation of Softrigger!


*'Goner' Worm Hitting Corporate, Individual PCs

SAN FRANCISCO/LONDON (Reuters) - A new computer worm named ''Goner'' was spreading quickly through corporate and personal e-mail inboxes on Tuesday, deleting system files and clogging networks in what could be the biggest outbreak since last year's ``Love Letter'' virus, security software vendors said.

[ more from Yahoo! News » ]

* Wilson  Passes Microsoft Exam 70-217

(Dec 3, 2001) Bitstop President Mr. Wilson Chua, in addition to his numerous certifications, has passed yet another Microsoft exam for Windows 2000 -- Implementing and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure (Exam 70-217).

Exam 70-217 is part of a series of exams for the Windows 2000 certification track. He also made use of KeyStone Learning System's training materials to study for the said exam.

The Bitstop staff congratulates it's President for passing the exam.

* Try Adaptec's 2400a for your Storage Needs

Low cost data protection and increased performance(Dec 1, 2001) Adaptec ATA RAID 2400a is a four channel ATA100 RAID card with advanced features such as OCE and RAID5 support. It suports four channels and transfer rates of 100mpbs per channel.

Aside from its fast speed using cheaper IDE drives vs. SCSI drives, Bitstop likes this card for its ability to add extra drives to expand an existing RAID5 array. (You can't expand a software-based array like in windows). It has automatic spare fail-over also.

* Keystone Resource Center Opens in Davao

KeyStone Resource Center: Digital Infterface, Davao(Nov 30, 2001) IT professionals in Davao can now get themselves quickly trained and certified! Digital Interface in Davao is now the very first Keystone Resource Center in Davao. 

This info was relayed by Mr Francis Vidal, Bitstop Network Services' Chief Guru, on his way back from the deployment in Davao.

* Keystone Demo at PSITE Meeting

(Nov 30, 2001) Bitstop was invited to the monthly meeting of PSITE (Philippine Society of IT Educators) in Lucena, Quezon.

Shown in the picture is Bitstop President, Mr Wilson L Chua with PSITE President, Dr Benito L. Teehankee, who also holds concurrent position in DLSU as Instructional Technology Coordinator and Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business. 

* Rushing to get a Certification?

(Nov 30, 2001) We highly recommend the use of Keystone Learning Systems materials if you plan on getting I.T. certifications.  Check out this link to get an idea on which Keystone product is right for you. Then call Bitstop on how we can be of service.

* Christmas Promo

(Nov 30, 2001) Bitstop launches a Christmas promo that will surely add cheer to its Internet Subscribers.

Nitro users get a free Nitro card by surrendering 10 used (November & December) Nitro cards at our office.  Plan subscribers may also avail of a free Nitro card subject to certain eligibilities.  Call our internet customer service for details. Merry Christmas!  

* GlobeCast visits Bitstop

(Nov 28, 2001)  Mr. Tariq I. Bhatty, Director of IP Sales & Marketing of Globecast which is part of France Telecom Groupe, dropped by for a visit.

Photo at left shows Mr.Al Sawit, Mr. John Ang and Mr. Bhatty in Bitstop's multimedia resouce center.




* Parang HS in a Chat session with GMA

(Nov 28, 2001) Photo shows Parang students and faculty as they chat with the President through the internet using computers, software and internet access donated by Microsoft Philippines via the Connected Learning Community Program. Parang National HighSchool is located in Maguindanaw.

Melvin Bueno, Bitstop tech staff, was on hand to ensure there were no technical glitches.

* Lyceum NorthWestern now LNU!

(Nov 24, 2001) Bitstop has just learned that Lyceum Northwestern is now a full fledged University! Our congratulations to the people behind this great institution!

Lyceum University was accredited as Level II by the PAASCU & FAAP accrediting bodies, and issued ISO 9001 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and Anglo-Japanese- American Registrars (AJA) for excellence in management systems.

* Wilson passes Win2kServer Exam 70-215

(Nov 24, 2001) Bitstop is happy to announce that our President, Mr Wilson L. Chua, passed the Windows 2000 Server Certification Exam 70-215.

Mr Chua passed with a score of 920 after 3 days of viewing Keystone Learning Systems' Windows 2000 Server video course.

* Macro Computer College 1st KRC in Region I

(Nov 20, 2001) Bitstop is happy to announce that Macro Computer College in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, is the first Keystone Resource Center in Region I.

As a Keystone Resource Center, Macro has a library of 25 TOP IT certification Training Videos available online like MCSE 2000, Cisco CCNA and CCNP, SQL2k, Oracle, A+, Inet+ and MOUS among others.

If you are pursuing your IT Certification and live in the Ilocos Sur area, contact Macro now.

* 3M Structured Cabling Seminar in Baguio

3M(Nov 21, 2001) Bitstop was invited to attend the 3M Structured Cabling Seminar. This seminar was held at the Baguio Country Club. It showcased the no-tools crimping of RJ45 and Fiber connectors.

The seminar was conducted by Mr Chuck Pilarta, Product Leader, Enterprise Solutions, Telcom Systems Division at 3M.

* Webcast Samples on Demo

(Nov 20, 2001) Some sample webcast from abroad for your listening pleasure. BBCworld, bloomberg, and msnbc

* Convert Whiteboards into e-Boards

Bitstop is introducing the ebeam system in Dagupan. This product attaches to the sides of your ordinary white board and instantly converts it to an electronic white board.  One that can copy the notes on the white board into your laptop or computer. It can also act as active screen when combined with your video projector.

* 1st Wireless Lan Specialist in the North

(Nov 17, 2001) Bitstop networking guys passed the Cisco required exams for the Wireless specialization program.

Mr John Ang passed the Wirelss Lan Exam for AMs v2.0 while Mr Wilson L. Chua and Mr Francis Vidal passed the Wireless LAN Exam for SEs and FEs v2.0. The test was given by

The Wireless LAN Specialization recognizes partners for their knowledge and expertise in building and maintaining end-to-end wireless network connections throughout or between buildings, without the limitations of wires or cables. This specialization focuses on the enterprise and small and medium-sized business markets, and the Cisco Aironet® wireless LAN products.

* Congratulations to Philmusic

(Nov 16, 2001) won again (4th time) in the recently concluded Philippine Web Awards held at Meralco Theater. Other winners include our friends in, UnionBank, Monster RX and Sharon Cuneta's Home page by StormViz.

* FP2002 Server Ext webcomponents

(Nov 12, 2001) One feature of having frontpage server extensions 2002 in our IIS is the ability to add web components like the one for Microsoft located on the lower right hand corner. It took us three mouse clicks to insert that one.

* Bitstop attends Aironet Workshop

(Nov 12, 2001) Bitstop networking guys, (Wilson, Francis and John) attended the workshop held at Datacraft on Cisco Aironet Wireless networking.

The course is handled by Mr Arthur Tunggul Siahaan, Training Consultant, CCSI from Indonesia.

Passing the exam on wireless networking is part of the requirements of the new Cisco Premier Partner Program.

* AMA Computer College Taps Bitstop

(Nov 12, 2001) AMA Computer College-Dagupan , represented by Ms. Ma. Judith Padilla and Bitstop Inc., represented by Mr Wilson L. Chua, today signed a memorandum of agreement. 

The agreement calls for Bitstop Inc to act as AMA-CC's industry adviser. This is the fourth time Bitstop has been asked to be an industry adviser.

* Bitstop Webservers Upgraded

(Nov 10, 2001) Bitstop's IIS servers have been updated to use the newer Frontpage Server Extensions 2002. 

Some of the newer features include html administration, User Roles, Server Health Monitoring, Website Analysis and Source/Versioning controls.

* Fiber Failure causes PLDT Outage

(Nov 10, 2001) Bitstop's major internet links using PLDT lease lines went down at around 12:00pm today. This was caused by a major fiber fault in PLDT's sampaloc node. 

The outage took out our E1 link to Mozcom, E1 link to Infocom and our Peering links in Caloocan and ETPI.

* Proxy Servers Upgraded

(Nov 9, 2001) Both of our Proxy servers now sport 2gb of main memory and a combined capacity of one third terrabyte of cache storage.

Our subscribers are advised to discontinue the use of and as their proxy server. You should now use port 80. Or better yet, leave it blank and allow our wccp protocol to take care of it!

* All Pinoy Pure Internet Radio!

(Nov 8, 2001) Ultrasonic Broadcasting and Bitstop is inviting the public to listen to the country's first ever, All Pinoy music format that is only heard on the internet!

Click on the following link: to sample this music!

* Bitstop Webserver Upgraded

(Nov 4, 2001) Taking advantage of the luzon wide brownout, Bitstop upgraded our servers by doubling its computing power and quadrupling its harddisk capacity.

This should help serve out hosted webpages faster and carry more capacity for future expansions. 

* Migration 80% Completed

(Nov 4, 2001) subscribers are now assigned with APNIC ip addresses. These are special IP addresses that have transit privileges over our 3 gateways. 

This means continued surfing even in the event that 2 of our 3 links are incapacitated. Unlike in the old system where users were assigned the Mozcom IP block,  whenever the link to mozcom goes down, internet access is greatly affected as mozcom ips are not allowed transit thru our other gateways and vice versa.

The switchover is only 80% completed. We expect full operational status by the end of the week. Please call our office for further details.

* Keystone Resource Centers Rollout 

(Oct. 30, 2001) Mr Francis Vidal, BNS Chief Technology Officer, reported today, the successful installation of the 1st Keystone Resource Center in Cebu. The installation was done for Ng Khai Devt Systems in Cebu. 

BNS will rollout by 1st week of November the Keystone Resource Center for Northwestern University, making it, the first in Region I.

* Add Voice to Your Presentation 

(Oct. 25, 2001) Click here to know more about how to add voice to your PowerPoint presentation. This demonstration was given during the monthly PSITE seminar held at Baguio College Foundation.

Bitstop is also invited to speak on the next PSITE monthly workshop to be held in Lucena on Nov 30.

* Bitstop Naga Gains MCP 

(Oct. 25, 2001) Mr Jason Buenviaje of Bitstop Naga today made it and becomes the First Microsoft Certified Professional in Bitstop Naga. 

Kelan naman ang MCSE 2k??

* Dinky's Updated Certification Status 

(Oct. 25, 2001) Bitstop congratulates Mr. Genesis Esteban for attaining his MCSE certification on Windows 2000.  Dinky is also an MCSE on Windows NT.  The latest word from Microsoft is that the NT certification will not be retired this December.

* Mozcom Cabanatuan Oks Peering 

(Oct. 24, 2001) Mozcom Cabanatuan, represented by Mr Mar Villasan signified their intention to join Bitstop's peering project. The link will be supplied by DigitelONE.

Currently, Bitstop's peering project joins together the networks of Mozcom SFLU, Mozcom Pampanga, Mozcom Bulacan and Mozcom Pangasinan. Other non-Mozcom peers include PHNET's CORE,'s domestic network and recently, Eastern Telecom's MIX. 

*Manila Internet Exchange Link is now fully operational

(Oct. 23, 2001) Bitstop is proud to announce that it's E1 MIX link to ETPI is now fully operational. Our thanks to the experts at ETPI --Tito , Carlo  and Lino.

* Bitstop Collaborates with ETPI on Streaming Server Project 

(Oct. 23, 2001) Bitstop signed an agreement today with Eastern Telecommunications Philippines, Inc. (ETPI) represented by their COO, Mr. Angelo C. Molato, to deploy Microsoft™ Media Server Technology for their streaming services. Shown in picture are Mr Joevel Rivera and Ms Cindy Paez-Salaya.

A 2u rack mounted unit is now installed and operational at ETPI's MIX room

* Bitstop Tests VPDN 

(Oct. 22, 2001) Bitstop is currently testing the Virtual Private Dialup Networking provided by PLDT. This allows us to quickly add 30 additional 56k dialup lines. 

Bitstop is currently testing its performance. The PLDT dialup number is 523-8902. Please email your feedback to Mr John Ang.

* France Telecoms & Great Plains Visits Bitstop

(Oct. 22, 2001) Mr Gonzalo 'Al' Sawit, Carrier Relations & Sales for France Telecom paid a courtesy call on Bitstop. Shown here is Mr Sawit (on the right) with Bitstop president, Mr Wilson L. Chua.

Last saturday, a fellow Pangasinense, Engr Macario 'Mac' Libid, Jr, the IS manager of Great Plains Software ( A Microsoft Owned business) also came by and paid a courtesy call.

*Leading Paper features Bitstop anew

(Oct. 20, 2001), the country's leading daily, today featured Bitstop's hosting of the Philippine Government's website amid brewing controversy in the matter. Click here to go to the article. 

Please note that both KI2a and Softrigger, including Bitstop, contributed their time and resources, pro bono.

*Bitstop Promotes Keystone

Photo above shows our Keystone Showroom.

*Bitstop joins the Manila Internet Exchange

Bitstop is now in the final phase of connecting to the Manila Internet Exchange (MIX) via an E1 (2.048Mbps) leased line. MIX is facilitated by Eastern Telecoms (ETPI).

*Bitstop Hosts GMA Website

(Oct. 16, 2001) Softrigger Interactive, one of the premier web development companies in the Philippines, has chosen Bitstop to host the Philippine Government's website

Bitstop was picked due to our extensive support for Microsoft SQL, Frontpage extensions and Microsoft Internet Information Services

*Windows™ XP Launch

(Oct. 11, 2001) Watch out for the official launch of Microsoft Windows™ XP, the next-generation operating system. Click here for more details.

*IT Resource Center Open House

(Oct. 10, 2001) We are glad to invite each and everyone of you to come to our open house for the IT Resource Center.  Just come to our office at Bitstop, 2/F New Sim Too Bldg., 29 A. B. Fernandez Ave., Dagupan City on Oct. 12, 13, 19 and 20 from 9 am till 5:30 pm.

This system can educate our province mates in IT courses such as Cisco CCNA and CCNP; Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows2000 Professional, Server, Visual Basic, C++, Foxpro, etc.   You can choose among 25 top courses.  Come and try it out!

*Bitstop Mulls MIX peering

(Oct. 9, 2001) Bitstop is in talks with Eastern Telecoms to add an E1 (2mpbs) link to the MIX (Manila Internet Exchange). 

Bitstop was impressed by the policies and priorities placed by ETPI on providing peering interconnectivity to the Philippine Internet community. 

If PHIX does not change its restrictive policies, it may soon lose its premier IX status to MIX. (Currently 12 ISPs are connected to MIX, while 14 are connected to PHIX)

*BNS Roadshow for

(Oct. 4, 2001) Photos of the roadshow conducted by BNS in launching Keystone learning Systems products in Naga, Camarines Sur and Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.

*Subscriber Advisory: PHILSTAR

(Oct 8 , 2001) It is now safe to browse the PHILSTAR website. 

*Bitstop tapped as Industry Adviser

(Oct. 8, 2001) In a memorandum signed today between PAMMA and Bitstop, represented by CDR. Guillermo Dela Cruz and Wilson L. Chua respectively, Bitstop will provide technical and consultancy services to PAMMA. Further, Bitstop will assist PAMMA in providing a venue for practicum of its graduating students.

*IT Resource Center Soon to Open

Online Subscription(Oct 8, 2001) Bitstop will soon open its IT resources for membership to the public. These IT resources include MSPress Titles, Cisco Publications, and specially Keystone Learning Systems' library of 25 course titles. 

This move is envisioned to accelerate IT professionals dream of earning their much needed IT certifications like MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, MOUS etc.

*Congratulations to Dinky!

(Oct. 3, 2001) Mr. Genesis Esteban passed Microsoft Exam 070-240. This is Microsoft Windows 2000 Accelerated Exam.  He only needs to take another exam to update his MCSE status from NT to Windows 2000!  Our heartfelt congratulations.  Regards to Dinky's mom :)

*Bing gets 2nd Win2k Certification

(Sep 28 , 2001) Bitstop wishes to congratulate Ms Bing Berces for having completed all the requirements for Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (Exam 070-210)

Bitstop to Attend AsiaFusion 2001

(Sep 26 , 2001) Bitstop is sending over Mr and Mrs Wilson L. Chua to attend this year's Microsoft Asia Fusion 2001 to be held in Malaysia.


*Subscriber Advisory: Avoid PHILSTAR

(Sep 22 , 2001) Please avoid surfing Philippine Star's website, This site is currently infected with the NIMDA virus and going to this site without anti-virus protection will cause your unit to be infected. We will continue to test this site and advise you when it is okay to surf it.

*Security Response for Nimda worm

(Sep 22 , 2001) Click on the link below for Symantec's removal tool for the Nimda virus. Please read in its entirety, and back up files before proceeding.
  or try out Microsoft's Personal Security Advisor

*W32/Nimda-A worm

A new worm named W32/Nimda-A (known aliases are Nimda, Minda, Concept Virus, Code Rainbow) began to proliferate the morning of September 18, 2001 on an extremely large scale. It utilizes multiple IIS vulnerabilities to propagate via the web, and Outlook and Outlook Express vulnerabilities to distribute itself through email. 

It spreads through three different means; as an email attachment, a web defacement download, and by directly targeting machines by exploiting known IIS vulnerabilities such as the ones exploited by Code Red and Code Blue. There has been one report thus far of an Apache Server crashing due to Nimda terminating httpd processes. No further corroboration has been made that this worm may have in the inadvertent affect of creating a denial of service condition on Apache Servers. 

Multiple sources have confirmed that this worm consumes a large amount of bandwidth and impairs performance on web servers as a result. It should be noted that this worm began to proliferate almost exactly a week since the terrorist activities began to take place in the United States.

*DLSU Online Course Samples

(Sep 14 , 2001) Bitstop is proud to be part of the efforts at CREM, DLSU.  (Some of its pages are still under construction though.)

*NITRO now available

(Sept 12, 2001) The waiting is over. Nitro, the ultimate prepaid card,  is here for you to enjoy.  For particulars, visit

*Akamai Technologies Mourns the Loss of Co-Founder and CTO Daniel Lewin

(Cambridge, MA, September 11, 2001) - With great sadness, Akamai Technologies, Inc. today announced the passing of Daniel C. Lewin, co-founder, chief technology officer and board member of the Company. American Airlines confirmed that he was on board the Boston to Los Angeles flight that crashed in New York City today. Danny was 31 years old and is survived by his wife and two sons.

George H. Conrades, chairman and chief executive officer of Akamai said, "Danny was a wonderful human being. He will be deeply missed by his many friends at Akamai. Our thoughts and prayers are with Danny's family, friends and colleagues during this time of national tragedy and personal loss."

*Tech Pacific's North Luzon Roadshow

(Sep 11 , 2001) Bitstop met with Mr. Ver Villarico, Marketing Director and product managers of Tech Pacific for an afternoon presentation.  Photo shows Bitstop staff with Aldie, Brigs, Ver, Kathy, Thess, Cherry, and Ferdie.



*Speedy Restoration

(Sep 10 , 2001) Our thanks to Digitel work crew and Mr. Job Relatores who worked overtime Sunday to restore all our lines. Digitel is back online.

*MultiPurpose VidCon Room

(Sept 10 , 2001) Bitstop's Multi-Purpose Video Conferencing Room is now open! Use this room to schedule meetings, video conferences and training sessions with your associates and business partners here and abroad. Facilities include, video and data projector, White Board, 6mpbs link via multiple gateways, multimedia computers with all new LCD monitors!

A similar facility is also found at Urdaneta Magic Mall using Ajonet's Internet Kiosk.

*The Great Switcheroo Promo 

(Sept 9 , 2001) Good news! Non-Bitstop internet users can now get a Bitstop internet account without the setup fee if they can show us their last 2 months' internet billing and proof of payment. This promo runs only for one week.  Spread the news!

This great idea was suggested by jun-jun! Thanks Jun-Jun

*Bitstop guest @ VMUF College Week

(Sep 9 , 2001) Bitstop's Wilson, John and Bing were on hand to demonstrate the Cisco Aironet 340 as part of VMUF's Computer College Celebration. Photo shows bitstop with Dean Efren Y Ignacio and Johnny Manamtam together with the Cisco Aironet 340


*DigitelOne Blues

(Sep 9 , 2001) For the second time within 2 weeks, Digitel's cables have been stolen leading to downtimes in one of our gateways, our 2 E1/R2 Digitel 56k access and some of our analog digitel numbers.  Our sympathies to Digitel for the troubles they are experiencing. 

For the meantime, subscribers may please use our PLDT 56k number 5238000 and other dial ups.

*PC Gamers' Heaven

(Sep 7 , 2001) A list of PC games can be viewed here.  These titles are orderable from  Please indicate your contact details specially full name and telephone number.  The first 10 to order Half-Life Counterstrike can avail of the Original game at only P950.00! (Regular price is P1,195.00)

*Autodesk + Media Server??

(Sep 1 , 2001) What happens when you use Microsoft's Media Server technology with AutodesK 2000 ? Click here to see the sample result!

*Bitstop Featured in PhilStar

(August 31, 2001) An article by author Gadjo Sevilla of softrigger came out today on Philstar's business features section. Entitled "Full Stream ahead: a look at the future of media", the article featured an interview with Bitstop president Mr Wilson L. Chua

*DigitelOne Update

(August 31, 2001) DigitelOne system is now 95% restored.  The second E1/R2 is now UP!  You can now dial into 60 lines of 56k speed at 5147111.  All our analog dial up lines, except for 3  lines, are now back to normal.  Thanks to DigitelOne crew.

*Internet Explorer 6 

Download Internet Explorer 6 now 


*Try out this Site!

(August 28, 2001) This tip was sent in by Mr Lim Teng Han of Singapore. Mr Lim is one of John's favorite brother-in-law:). Click here to view the site.

*DigitelOne Status Report

(August 28, 2001) Bitstop's E1 FR to the internet via Digitelone is back up at 3:30 pm today.  Unfortunately our 2 E1/R2 (5147111) trunk lines and some analog dial up lines have not yet been restored.  Please bear with us by dialling into our other dial up lines.



*DigitelOne Cable Problem in Dagupan

(August 27, 2001) Since 1 a.m. Sunday, Bitstop's E1 to Digitel, our 2 E1/R2 lines and some analog dial up lines were affected by cable problems.  Mr. Job Relatores assures us that Digitel staff are working overtime to normalize the situation.  

Bitstop subscribers can however still enjoy internet access via our other dial up lines and multiple links to the internet.

Status Update: It will take 3-4 days before the cable is replaced.

*AutoCAD 2002 Handson Seminar

(August 22, 2001) Bitstop is inviting the AutoCAD computing community in the region to register here for our AutoCAD 2002 handson Seminar on September 13, 2001 at Bitstop's Multimedia Conference Room.

Seminar participants must bring their own computers to load the preview copy (15 days NFR) of AutoCAD 2002.

Read more about the new features in AutoCAD 2002 preview

*Update your IE !

It works faster to save you time(August 18, 2001) Download Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Internet Tools (Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 is only available via download). This is the newest version of Internet Explorer, with benefits for consumers and developers alike. Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 provides the latest updates and security fixes to the Internet Explorer technology. It's never been easier to get online, find the information you need, and just do stuff faster. You can also order Internet Explorer 5.5 on CD (CD includes Internet Explorer 5.5 and MSN Explorer. The CD does not include SP2).

*Chris Aguinaldo now an MCP

Picture of Chris  Aguinalod(August 18, 2001) Our congratulations to Mr Chris Aguinaldo for passing the Microsoft 70-210 Windows 2000 Professional Exam. 

He is the first non-IT person to pass the difficult exam in our testing center.

So all you IT guys out there, this should serve as an encouragement!


*Keystone Appointment Featured in Inquirer!

(August 18, 2001) Bitstop's appointment by Keystone Learning systems was featured in the highly regarded Inquirer Newspaper. This well written article by Mr Erwin Oliva in the infotech section reveals part of Bitstop's plan to deliver self-paced eLearning to the philippine internet community.

*Join Microsoft's Pusoy Dos Competition!

(August 17, 2001) Get a chance to win the
1 Million pesos grand prize! Join the XChallenge programming competition and bring home your own Xbox!

*Keystone Appoints Bitstop as Exclusive Distributor

(August 16, 2001) Bitstop is happy to announce our appointment as Keystone's exclusive Philippine distributor. The appointment was made by Mr Joseph O. Gilbert , Director of International Sales for Keystone Learning Systems. 

As part of the appointment, Bitstop has the exclusive right to offer the Keystone library on a subscription basis to online users in the Philippines.

*Bitstop is featured ISP in ISPTracker

(August 16, 2001) Bitstop is proud to be chosen by the ISPtracker website created by Softrigger Interactive. Click here to view the page. 

*Additional 56k Digitel Lines Up

(August 14, 2001) Our thanks to the people at DigitelONE for helping us deploy the much needed E1/R2 lines. This E1/R2 provides an additional 30 dialup lines, which combined with the recent v.92 upgrade will provide our subscribers with higher throughput in their surfing experience.

*Subscriber Reminder:  Change your passwords

(August 13, 2001) For additional security, we recommend that you change your passwords on a regular basis.  But when changing, please do choose a GOOD password.  Check out our faq section for guidelines on how to change your password and how to choose a good password.

*PLDT E1/R2 Line for Ber Testing on Monday

(August 11, 2001) Please be advised that our 56k PLDT trunkline 523-8000 will be down for BER testing Monday, August 13.  The testing is being done to check on the quality of the E1/R2 line due to a number of complaints received.  

*IMVI Master Guru Arrives!

(August 10, 2001) Mr Gen Camiling, the Guru of Total Control arrived today to help Bitstop upgrade its Total Control Chassis' NMC, and Hiper Arc Card. This will allow us to support V.92 protocol and v.44 compression.

V.92 supports Quick Connect, Modem-on-Hold, Pulse Code Modulation Upstream and data throughput increase by 20-60%!

*3rd E1/R2 being Installed

(August 10, 2001) Job Relatores and Digitel DataCom and DataAccess staff are on hand to install Bitstop's 3rd E1/R2. This adds another 30 56k Dialup lines to our existing 60 56k dialup lines.

The new 56k lines will have the same pilot number of 5147111. 

*Watch out for NITRO!

(August 7, 2001) Prepaid Internet Access users have all the reasons to rejoice.  Mozcom Pangasinan is soon to launch NITRO.  You get high quality internet speed that Moscom is known for.  Even plan holders can complement their plan with prepaid cards for their kids or themselves.  For details and other inquiries, click on our faq page

*Peering with InterDotNet now Up

(August 6, 2001) Bitstop is now directly connected to the core of InterDotNet (formerly IPhil). Traffic to and from bitstop and will now be faster.


*We're now inter-connected with PHNet!

(August 4, 2001) Peering with PHNet core router completed today! Benefits for our users are:

  • Faster surfing to PHNet connected sites like SLU, BSU, Interdotnet, Globe, Destiny, I-Next, and a lot more!
  • Sites hosted in Bitstop are now accessed faster from PHNet connected networks

*Benz is now a Cisco Certified Network Associate

(August 4, 2001)  Mr. Benedict Cuison adds another feather in his cap, that of the title of CCNA.  This makes him one of a very elite group of Pangasinenses who are MCSEs AND CCNAs at the same time.  More power to IT skilled professionals!

*A+ Certified Engineer Title for Mr. James Holmes

(August 3, 2001) Mr. James T. Holmes Jr. has passed the 2 part examinations to garner the A+ Certified Engineer title.  The exams are A+ Operating System Technologies  Exam 220-202 and A+ Core Hardware 220-201. Our congratulations!

*W32/Sircam Virus on the loose

(August 2, 2001) I send this file to ask for your advice.  Does this subject sound familiar? Good for you if you just deleted the email.  If you clicked on the attachment? Sorry, but you just got infected. For more info on the virus, click on

The Lesson?  Never click on attachments which have .exe, .bat.  They usually run scripts that contain worms/viruses.  You are also not totally sure about other files too.  To be safe, ask those who email you to just type or cut and paste the body of the attachment rather than insert an attachment in their mails to you.  

*Batanes High receives Microsoft's CLC Year 3 donation

(August 1, 2001) Microsoft and Bitstop have completed delivery of computers and software to the 9th Microsoft CLC (Connected Learning Communities) Year 3 awardee - Batanes National Science High School.  Our Mous expert, Mr. Marlon Macam, and service engineer. Roland Libertad, flew to Batanes despite imminent bad weather.  

*JR Gets Win2k Prof Certification

(July 28, 2001) Bitstop warmly congratulates Mr JR Pennel, who passed his Windows 2000 Professional Certification exams today. JR is a former trainee at Bitstop.


*BroadBand on Demand

(July 25, 2001) Bitstop is currently testing  various Broadband wireless solutions in preparation for our planned Broadband on Demand service (BonDs). 

The BonDs provides a guaranteed 128kbps and 256kbps of burst at ordinary dialup rates

Our recently deployed Cisco 7206VXR with NPE-400 telco-class router allows Bitstop to provide up to 8000 simultaneous broadband connections! Watch out for the BonDs grand launching! 

Photo shows Engr Edward Taguiba of PCST testing the Cisco Aironet 340 Wireless Bridge and Cisco Omni Directional Antenna. The system is on loan courtesy of Cisco Philippines.


*SCSI 160mpbs is really fast!

(July 21, 2001) Gerard V. of Bitstop compared the speed between Compaq SCSI 9GB with a transfer speed of 80mbps and Seagate SCSI 18GB at 160mbps.The test copied 300mb file size from the CD rom drive to the respective drives on the same windows 2000 server running on dual pentium III 800. The results  are as expected:

  80mpbs 160mpbs
CDROM to HDD 00:03:15 00:02:22
HDD to HDD 00:01:27 00:00:54

Bitstop used an Ultra 160 SCSI DC-390U3W SCSI card.

*Digitel 56k Lines Restored

(July 21, 2001) Subscribers may now use the 56k Digitel lines. Thanks to our support group for the continuous follow up made with the Telco that led to the line restoration.

*Digitel 56k Lines Down

(July 21, 2001) For the nth time this year, the E1/R2 lines that provide 56k dialup access to Bitstop clients went down. As of this writing, Digitel is yet to respond to this. Preliminary reports indicate that construction activity near or at the bridge is the culprit to the down time.

*Akamai servers deployed!

(July 20, 2001) Bitstop is now deploying Akamai servers on its network. Akamai's distributed application and content delivery service enables Akamai content customers the benefit of superior reliability, scalability and personalization. Akamai servers are located at the edges of the Internet and deliver all media types including HTML graphics files, animations, and software downloads. With Akamai doing the "heavy lifting," and serving this data-rich content from servers located geographically close to end-users, Akamaized Web sites load in a flash-up to 10 times faster.

*Bitstop Routers Upgraded!

(July 19, 2001) Bitstop shut down our NOC from 12:00am to 5:00am today to upgrade our routers to Cisco 7206VXR.


* Regal's 'Cool Dudes' Website

(July 19, 2001) Bitstop and StreamQuestAsia invites you to visit the official webpage of Regal Film's Cool Dudes project. Click on this link 


*MSI delivers iMac Presentation

(July 18, 2001) Picture shows Toni Balatao, Bing Berces, Llen Oyco, Lenard De Leon and Francis Vidal after the iMac presentation. Also show in picture are the ibook and iMac.

*APC Tech support visits Bitstop

Cris Maniega and JJ Sablan of APC Phils(July 18, 2001) APC support headed by Mr Cris Maniego and JJ Sablan visited Bitstop today to check on the status of our Matrix 5k and Matrix 3k UPS. Our thanks for such wonderful service. 



*LYCEUM NORTHWestern's 256kbps UP 

(July 11, 2001) Thanks to Mr Benedicto Surima and Mr Paulino Santiago of PLDT, Mr Mike Tanedo and Stephen Munoz of Lyceum, the 256kbps link of Lyceum to the internet is now fully operational! 

Congratulations to Lyceum N for having the biggest Internet access bandwidth in the North!

*YAHOO, MSNBC etal Soon to Stream out of Bitstop!


(July 11, 2001) As an akamai partner, Bitstop will soon receive the shipment of servers that will host the localized content of akamai partners like Yahoo, MSNBC etal from Bitstop. Our subscribers will surely feel the improved performance of having video and audio streams out of our local servers!

*Multimedia Webcast Postponed

(July 6, 2001) The recent typhoon has closed all major roads to Baguio City. The speaker is currently unavailable, and so the multimedia webcast is postponed until further notice. Please visit this link for updates.

*Dagupan Hit Hard by Typhoon

(July 5, 2001) Click here to view a scene taken from downtown Dagupan just a few meters from the soon to be open bridge.


*Win2k Technologies Deployed @ DWAD

(July 4, 2001) Divine Word Academy of Dagupan and Bitstop Computers jointly deployed various Windows 2000 technologies like multilink (dual dialups), NAT (Network Address Translation) and Active Directory for User management on their internet access laboratory.

Future plans include the deployment of disk quotas for user storage management and VPN.

*Microsoft CLC deployed in Bacolod

(June 29, 2001) Bing Berces is in Bacolod right now deploying the 16th CLC donation this year. Picture shows the teaching staff at Generoso Villanueva National High School.


*ARCBC in need of SQL programmer

(June 29, 2001) Mr Benjamin Pennell Jr of ARCBC is looking for SQL programmers for their company. Interested parties please click here.


*Microsoft CLC deployed in Aklan

(June 29, 2001) Melvin Bueno is in Aklan right now deploying the latest addition to Microsoft's CLC Project

*(Live Webcast) Multimedia Seminar at BCF

(June 28, 2001) Bitstop will be webcasting this once-in-a-lifetime seminar by Dr. Bhaskaran Vasudev on July 6, 2001 , 2:00pm at BCF Theater in Baguio City.

Dr Vasudev is currently the Director for Epson Palo Alto Laboratory and is the patent holder for 11 patents in the area of image compression, multimedia architecture, image security and image processing.

The event will deal with the significant developments and innovations in compression technologies for multimedia that led to the emergence of international standards such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and MP3.

Watch this page for further info and links to the webcast.


*Mozcom Joins E-Services Expo

(June 27, 2001) Mosaic Communications, Inc. the country's premier ISP and countrywide enterprise enabler, is joining the E-Services Philippines expo from June 28-30 at the Philippine Trade Training Center, in support of the country's thrust to provide e-services to the world.

E-Services Philippines is an IT outsourcing exhibit that will showcase the country's most valuable IT resource: its highly skilled, hardworking, English speaking knowledge workers. The expo is organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), an attached agency of the Department of Trade and Industry.

*Visit LGCAMC WebPage

(June 27, 2001) Lingayen Gulf Coastal Area Management Commission Web site is now up and proudly hosted at Bitstop. Point your browsers to

*Bitstop Passes 70-216 Exam

(June 27, 2001) Mr Wilson Chua, MCSE+I, passed the Implementing and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure exam (70-216). This is part of the recertification requirements of upgrading from NT certified to windows 2000 track.

*LYCEUM Northwestern gains another MCP

(June 25, 2001) Bitstop is happy to announce that Lyceum Northwestern's System Administrator, Mr Erickson B. Gloria passed the Windows 98 exam today.

Lyceum Northwestern now has the following number of certified professionals with:

  • 2 MCPs
  • 1 MCSE+I
  • 1 MCDBA
  • 1 CCNA

Lyceum's current thrust for IT modernization are under the initiatives of its President, Atty. Gonzalo T. Duque , Prof. Brian Bevan, Dean, College of Engineering and Mr Michael Tanedo, LN's IT consultant.


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